Manicure Services

Spa Manicure   $25

Buff & polish    $12

Natural Nail Services

Shellac application   $28

Shellac removal         $12-$15

Shellac applies like a polish, wears like a gel. It is applied thinly over natural nails,and cured under UV 
lights in 90 seconds.
Durable wear and shine. Results can last up to 2 weeks. Removes in 5 minutes

Pedicure Services


A shorter version of the spa. A light buff, and rub followed by a polish.

ADD-ON PEDI         $25

The add-on pedicure is available to those who are in the salon, receiving a chemical service and wish to get the express version of our classic pedicure.

SPA PEDICURE       $50

A special treat for your feet. A relaxing soak followed by a revitalizing massage, topped off with the polish of your choice.


A pedicure designed for masculine feet. A relaxing way to energize your feet and pamper your sole.

SHELLAC PEDI        $60

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