Limited appointments available for Massage Therapy
No gift cards available for Massage Therapy
Therapuetic/Ingegrative Massage  $75-$135

This massage works through muscle tension layer by layer, reaching the deeper muscles where chronic pain and tension may be released. Deep work is often slower than regular bodywork, allowing the soft tissue to open at deeper levels. Since more time is required in specialized areas, your massage will not always treat all areas of your body in one session. 

Swedish Massage  
$45, 30 mins     $65, 60 mins     $105, 90 mins

A massage using 5 types of manipulation: Effleurage (long strokes), Petrissage (kneading), Friction (deep circular movement), Tapotement (percussion) and Vibration to promote relaxation. Improve circulation and relieve tension. Your very best feel good massage.

Waxing Services
Eyebrow                          $15-$20
Lip, chin or cheek          $15 each
Leg (full-upper/lower    $65 & up
Leg (half-lower only)     $55 & up
Bikini                                $58-$63
Specialty Bikini               $58-$78
Underarm                        $25-$35
Back                                  $55-$75
Arm                                  $45-$55